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  • Accessing data from non-finance players in this community has never been easier. All-rounded data insights help HSBC to support our customers better, and unlock growth opportunities faster.



    Charlotte Wong

    Chief Information Officer, Hong Kong

  • At UMP, we value cross-industry insights powered by data collaboration. We believe data is the secret sauce for improving public health and tackling healthcare challenges in novel way.

    UMP Healthcare Group


    Horace Tang

    Head of Data

  • Customer 360 is the ultimate competitive advantage. Data collaboration has empowered FWD to respond to our customer needs swiftly and accurately.

    FWD Life Insurance


    Matthew Ho

    Senior Director, Digital Platforms Marketing & Digitals

  • We are advancing a smarter Hong Kong through a robust data infrastructure which ensures secure data storage, sharing and processing.

    Hong Kong Computer Society


    Ricky Woo

    Advisor of Cyber Security Specialist Group

  • We're pleased to work with HKSTP to enforce world-class data governance and set a strong foundation for safe, secure, and trusted data collaboration in Hong Kong.

    Institute of Big Data Governance


    Ir Allen Yeung

    Founding Chairman

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