Digital Infrastructure

From GPUs to server hosting and expert consultation, we enable you to efficiently overcome today’s complex challenges, bringing you closer to your goals.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Time is critical in innovation. 

Leverage our HPC services for efficient research and development.

Seamlessly access your data with speed and reliability through our servers in Hong Kong.

Beyond computing, side by side

We offer more than just powerful computing. We accompany you throughout the entire journey, driving your success forward.

Our dedicated team brings expertise in technology, security, data governance, and business strategy. We even offer on-site support, guiding you in utilizing the most effective resources, solutions, and standards.  

Supercharge your R&D with our data access through API Hub, offering diverse and high-quality data resources. Tap into valuable insights to fuel innovation.

Partner Ecosystem
Leverage our extensive network of partners and resources for efficient project execution, to accelerate your journey to market.

How to Get Started

Server Hosting

Plug in and leave the setup to us.

We will manage everything from racking, power, cooling, networking, to security.  

Your servers will operate in our 14-rack server room with advanced cooling, uninterruptible power supply, top-notch monitoring systems, fire suppression, and high-speed network connectivity.  



Key Features

  • Server Rack: 14 racks up to 10kVA, 42U
  • Funding Type: Modular 2N+1 UPS (175kW)
  • Cooling: N+1 in-row cooling, cold aisle containment
  • Security and Monitoring: DCIM, CCTV, water leakage detection
  • Fire Suppression: Novec 1230
  • Network Connectivity: carrier neural internet connectivity, Building 17/19W fibre connectivity, HKSTP inter-building fibre connectivity