Digital Infrastructure

To stay ahead in the realm of innovation, speed and efficiency are crucial. From connectivity to operational efficiency, we provide a blend of services and solutions that meet your needs.

Server Hosting

Our member-only server room is equipped with 14 racks that feature UPS, 24/7 cooling, advanced security and monitoring systems, fire suppression, and high-speed network connectivity, ensuring reliable and secure hosting for your business applications and data.


2/F, Building 19W, Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park

Dark Fibre Connectivity Service

Our high-speed dark fibre network offers reliable and fast connectivity between Hong Kong Science Park's 19W Server Room, Building 17W|19W, and HK4 Colocation Data Centre, providing uninterrupted operations for your business.


GE/ 10GE via DWDM

  • Point-to-point topology at layer 1
  • “Ring” protection via DWDM
  • Both ends of the installation are in the data centre
  • No fibre modem needs to be installed in customer rack

Point-to-Point Data Connectivity

Tier 3+ Colocation Service

Our premium Tier 3+ colocation and connectivity services are tailored to meet the critical IT infrastructure needs of businesses. With proximity between Equinix's HK4 Data Centre and Hong Kong Science Park, our exclusive services provide high-speed connectivity, low latency, high availability, and scalability.

Development Modules

Our open-to-public development modules for data integration and application development are available to help you speed up R&D.

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Platform

Our MBaaS platform is tailored for developers seeking to streamline mobile applications development and operations. With pre-built features, including user account management, location-based services, cashless payment, and data management, the module eliminates the need to build separate infrastructure and enables quick connection to cloud services through APIs and SDKs.

Location Based Services (LBS) Platform

Our LBS Platform is an ideal solution for creating applications that require location-based services, such as delivery tracking and ride-sharing apps. Our platform, in conjunction with OnePass@HKSTP and MBaaS, provides context-awareness services within Hong Kong Science Park. Our APIs and SDKs make integrating location-based services easy, enabling you to create a more personalized user experience.