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About VaaS
Validation-as-a-Service (VaaS) offers a customised evaluation tool to validate the technological solution based on individual industry and corporate needs. From solution performance evaluation to outcome simulation, VaaS seeks to boost industries confidence in technology adoption, opening up more business opportunities to the tech community!
Cost-Performance Evaluation
Risk Free Adoption
Versatile Testing with Simulation
Expectations and outcomes of technology adoption are often mismatched due to unrealistic assumptions and low transparency, resulting in inefficiency. Are you facing these challenges?
Which technology solution fits my company’s pain points?
How to define a suitable technical specification to address my true needs?
How do I compare multiple solution proposals?
What standard of acceptance can evaluate performances fairly?
What VaaS provides
Dedicated project manager, guiding through from technology identification to validation, and adoption.
Consultation in technical specifications.
Evaluation report on the performance of technological solutions based on Solution Seeker’s requirement.
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